The Highland cattle breed has a long and distinguished history. Not restricted to the Highland region the breed spans the globe. It's one of Britain's oldest and iconic breeds with a long thick coat of rich hair and regal horns. Highlands have remained largely unchanged over many centuries with owners and breeders focusing on heritage and tradition.
Highlanders are a exceptionally hardy breed with a unique ability to convert poor grazing land. They can withstand high annual rainfall, bitter winds and extreme weather conditions. Highland cattle can be found foraging as high as 10,000 foot in areas such as the Andes.
Heifers and calves easily live outside in all weather conditions and have a natural sturdiness and foraging ability that means minimum of attention is required. 

The cattle are like most other breeds and they thrive on human contact. Highlands are also docile however, cows are protective of their calves and care should always be taken when approaching them.

Highland cattle are known for their longevity with cows breeding to ages in excess of 18 years.
For even more detailed information and history you can visit the Highland Cattle Society website via our links page. 
A cow and bull in the snow at Gilden Vale Fold
Miss Red and her calf
The Breed