Showing Highlands Hints and Tips From Bryn

All worth it in the end.
My favourite Highland calf
A mans work is never done, halter training
Buckets to wash, trailers to clean
My best friend Oxford
All that work and Grandad gives me a Cherry Bakewell... What about the minimum wage?
Arranging my bedding for the night
More cleaning.
Hello. My name is Bryn and I've been helping my Grandad with his cattle. I thought it would be a good idea if I could show the cattle at the Royal Welsh Show.

This is my favourite calf. She's my size but Grandad said 'if we go to the show, we need a beast with a chance of winning' So halter training starts. To my surprise, I'm getting as much training as the beast!

It's not all about the cattle. There's buckets to wash, trailers to clean and straw for the bedding to put down. With a little help from my best friend Oxford.

We're at the Royal Welsh Show. All the hard work done and all I get is a Cherry Bakewell. At least I thought all the hard work was done... but no! We're parked up and the trailer is transformed into the Ivor Williams Hotel. This is where we're sleeping for five nights.

Back home and thought that was it... but no! Trailer to muck out and wash. All the tack to put away. But we had a wonderful five days at the show and it was worth it to come home having won the cups and rosettes.

See you next year!